First, Rémi detail...

After our first meeting, Rémi joined me in my hotel room for a photo shoot. 
It was the first time for him. 
We spent 5 hours together, unforgettable moment!
Here are the first results, Rémi detail. Enjoy!!

Remi full frontal nudity and sexiest positions's

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8 commentaires:

  1. Incredible man. He has hair just in the right sides: arms, legs, chest, something in ass and abs and, of course, pubes; i don´t like guys who shave their pubes. Very nice uncut dick too.

  2. Me encanta el cambio de la cuarta a la quinta foto: de llevar ropa a quedarse completamente en pelotas. Buena polla y precioso pecho peludo.

  3. Kriss I have a question ¿did Rémi feel embarrased when he taked off all his clothes and were totaly naked in front of the camera? He looks relaxed showing his nude body. I think he´s the best boy of the blog. Thank you for the photoshooting.

  4. No, never embarrased, always cool to be nude

    1. Ok, thank you! I´m waiting next photo session.

  5. Le plus beau modèle ! du naturel du charme ! c'est une merveille !!

  6. Beau mec: barbu, poilu. J'adore et je bande!

  7. Remi is the best looking guy you have ever photographed! When will you post his sexiest positions set??